• Invoices

    Is invoice available for the purchased products? All products on the block are available for printed general invoice that can be used for reimbursement. The invoice will not be delivered along with

  • Does long-term use of KELITE air purifier have impact on or lowe

    In fact, using the KELITE air purifier, like sleeping for a rest every day, can let our lungs get enough rest, and breathe the clean air to improve the ability of treating the pollutants. To maximiz

  • Return Policies

    Step 1: We offer returns of newly purchased air purifier that is not opened to use and the package is in good shape without any return fee. Step 2: We offer returns of the new air purifier that has

  • Does KELITE purifying system have much noise?

    KELITE air purifying system works with very small decibel. The decibels of different air speed of KELITE air purifiers are 16dB, 33dB and 52 dB (±2dB). It is normal that noise will increase as the ai

  • What is the smart filter monitor in KELITE air purifier?

    KELITE air purifier is equipment with smart filter monitor. Three factors will be taken into consideration when counting the remaining service life of each filter. The exact available using hour can

  • How to know when the filter should be changed?

    The unique smart filter indicator of KELITE air purifier can check the filter condition, and remind you to change the filter in time.